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どんどん受けよう生活保護。社不すぎて定職つけず風俗転々虫の貧困女子→諦めて自己破産して生活保護へ。現在は穏やかに暮らすことができています。精神障害者手帳2級所持。 #風俗はセーフティネットではありません


I’m Namapo-chan!

Living in Japan. I got out of prostitution through the welfare system.
#風俗はセーフティネットではありません (Prostitution is not a safety net, argues Twitter)
 “Namapo” is internet slang for a welfare user in Japanese.

Suffering from mental illness, and further stuck in the exploitative structure of the prostitution industry, I took welfare benefits to try to rebuild my battered self and bankrupt myself of debts.

I am now very happy to have escaped from the painful work, from the debts and to be able to concentrate on my treatment and rest.

I hope that I can show women who are prostitutes that there is an option of welfare.

The icon image is borrowed from ガーリー素材.

Namapo-chan’s interview history

2021.8.19 Interviewed by the Mainichi Newspapers.

2021.8.29 Interviewed by MBS(Japanese TV Station).

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